About Us

Welcome to our shop!  We are a small family-owned business! Our goal is to provide high quality, handmade products you will love and enjoy! We specialize in creating custom apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc), drink ware (tumblers, mugs, etc) and specialty items. We also sell DTF and sublimation transfers!

In 2022, our mother, affectionately known as Dr. B, was advised by her medical doctor to find a hobby to reduce stress and relief from stress-induced migraines. She dusted off her Cricut and got to work creating wonderful gifts for her family, then friends, and the rest is history….. hence the name, Doctors Orders Custom Creations. Our store name is the foundation for our purpose, a gentle reminder in the power of self care, and the joy we strive to bring others through our custom creations! 

Feel free to contact us for your custom and specialty needs! We look forward to serving you!